Finding a Way Home at Midlife


  • Part I: A Crisis at Midlife
  • Part II: From Whence I’ve Come
  • Part III:
  • Part IV:
  • Part V:
  • Part VI:
  • Part VII:
  • Part VIII:
  • Part IX:
  • Part X:

Between 2019-2023 I experienced what can only be described as a crisis at midlife. Today, I am a wholly different person than who I once was. A powerful transformation has taken place, the likes of which I’d never imagined possible. I hardly recognize who I used to be, and rather than mourning that loss, I’ve found myself relieved to say goodbye to her. 

This period of personal evolution has been so profound, so thoroughly disorienting, until now it’s been difficult to put into words. I’ve written this series of essays to help me make sense of these drastic changes in my life and in my person.

I’ve chosen to share these reflections with the world because the greatest discomfort my crisis wrought was rooted in a feeling of loneliness and isolation. If you (or someone you love) is going through major changes – be they physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual – I hope you find some comfort in what I’ve written here.

Thank you for reading.


This blog series is dedicated with love to my family – Junaid, Nadia, Omar, Mom, Skip, and Micah – without whom I’d have lacked the courage to grow. I won the family lottery, and I thank my lucky stars for them every day.

Additionally, my gratitude to Ilene Haddad, Paul-Gabriel Weiner, Sadia Tirmizi and Kaamileh Hamid for their patience, support and encouragement when I was at my lowest point. As Vincent Van Gogh said, “Close friends are truly life’s treasures.”

Finally, thanks to my fellow creatives for lighting the way. I’m especially grateful to Nadia Khan, Roanna Flowers, Jo Hunter, Sarah Orman, and Kim Mosely for providing me inspiration and enthusiastic support as I’ve set my feet upon this path.


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