August 23, 2020

#PoetrySunday - 8/23/20

Fight among yourselves, if you must.

#PoetrySunday - 8/23/20


Oh you Great and Powerful People!
(And also, those of you who are nipping at their heels -
Who want that power for yourselves,
To impose your own egos
On the rest of us
In the name of progress…)

I ain’t out here tryin' to solve the problems of
Past and future generations.
I’m just looking for a reason to be,
For a life well spent,
For a place to put this energy.

Fight among yourselves, if you must.
But leave me to this tiny patch of the cosmos,
Wherefrom I can see the opal arc
Of time and space
Moving, changing
Glowing with love
And immune to your plans.