April 5, 2020

#PoetrySunday - 4/5/20

#PoetrySunday - 4/5/20


I came from a place that you will never know.
Hell, I can barely remember it most of the time.
But if it sit long enough
and let my mind wander
she always finds her way back
to that point of origin
where redwoods and salty air seeped into my young blood
and made me who I am.

We are, each of us, the songs and stories told to us when our eyes were still wide.
Tender hearts of innocence
imagining a world that could never be.

A solitary cocktail of times and places and colors and sounds that cannot be claimed by another.

Now, I shall hear your memories with my heart.

And I will know you like a beloved book
masterfully narrated and crafted
recounting an enchanting tale that
despite my best intentions
makes me fall in love with it.