March 15, 2020

#PoetrySunday - 3/15/20

#PoetrySunday - 3/15/20


Have you heard
the news today?
Thousands are sick
Thousands are dying
And the stores are packed
And the bars are crowded
And everyone is talking
And no one is listening

Have you heard
what the doctors say?
Stay inside.
Don’t gather.
Be calm.
Wash hands.
And everyone is buying
And everything is selling

Have you heard
what’s happening?
In other places
In other lands
Where people didn’t listen
And the rooms are full
And everyone is terrified
And warning us to get ready

Have you heard
his speech today?
He lies, he fumbles,
Mocking our system,
Denying our needs
And everyone is wondering
And no one can be comforted

Have you heard?
Have you heard?