December 6, 2019


A list of qualities that my favorite people have.


#MyPeople don't get mad at change. They understand that change is inevitable, and are actually thinking 2-3 steps ahead at any given time so they can both lead and thrive in the new reality.

#MyPeople are willing to do whatever they have to do to reach their goals and meet their vision. They are flexible, humble, resourceful and creative. Nothing will stop them. Not even their own egos.

#MyPeople are hackers of systems, breakers of rules, plugged into an unending source of creative energy and open to all possibilities.

#MyPeople fear mediocrity more than failure.

#MyPeople are more interested in building something new than in tearing down something old.

#MyPeople have a goal, a strategy, tactical skills — and the ability to quickly adapt all of these to changing circumstances in order to secure the win.

#MyPeople love to win.

#MyPeople don’t just tolerate differences, they value differences.

#MyPeople are kind, respectful and employ emotional intelligence at all times - even (and especially) toward their opposition.

#MyPeople take personal responsibility for their own thoughts, words, actions and feelings.

#MyPeople don't let others' attitudes or behaviors diminish their own standards of engagement.

#MyPeople know how to take a punch and recover fast.

#MyPeople seek power and then begin to distribute it as soon as it is acquired, not just because they want to help others succeed, but because they want to protect themselves from corruption.

#MyPeople understand that less is more, simplicity is a luxury worth having, and beauty comes more from the void than  from whatever tries to fill it.

#MyPeople know that bitterness and resentment undercut our best efforts, so they make forgiveness of self and others a priority.

#MyPeople understand that you don’t get to dictate how others love you.

#MyPeople know that their lived experience is theirs alone, and not a template for how others should view the world.

#MyPeople understand that a team excels when every member is allowed and encouraged to be their personal best; so they make accommodations that allow for individual, autonomous excellence for every single member of the team.

#MyPeople are cool. Not “Here’s-a-marketable-definition-of-cool-that-makes-you-popular-if-you-can-conform-to-it” cool.

More like, “I-don’t-give-a-shit-if-you-like-me-or-approve-of-me-I’m-cool-and-I-know-it” cool.

#MyPeople are comfortable with uncertainty, understand their own limitations, and operate with humble expertise.