The Institute for Digital Civic Culture (IDCC)

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The Institute for Digital Civic Culture, housed at the Center for Religion & Civic Culture at the University of Southern California, aims to elevate online culture by educating and training leaders who are using digital spaces to impact the world for good. At its core, IDCC is a professional development program and network that helps thought-leaders use social media for real-world impact and facilitate important online conversations that are essential for a healthy society.

The mission of IDCC is to identify individuals who are able to bring both subject-matter expertise and emotional intelligence to digital spaces; and to provide them with the tools, training and community support they need to elevate public discourse and digital culture.

The Digital People Podcast

The Digital People Podcast is a series of conversations with individuals who work, play, advocate and create online in all kinds of interesting ways. Each guest has a unique perspective on the personal challenges and rewards of operating in digital spaces, as well as on the greater impact that digital culture and has on our society. Listen now!

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IDCC Contact

Contact Amanda Quraishi for speaking, training and press inquiries using the contact form on the IDCC website.