Blog 6.2.24

The last two weeks have been upside-down. I blame the end of the school year and graduation. Nothing’s wrong, it’s just my schedule has been a mess. Lots of things seem to have been canceled, rescheduled, and interrupted. I also had company from out of town, which was very nice but took me out of my regular routine. So as June begins, I’m putting things in order and returning to my groove.

Summer is when I get engrossed in the business of being alive. It’s also my post productive time in the year. I feel more alive and energetic during these months, often spending hours outdoors each day – yes, even in the terrible heat of central Texas. My creative work tends to flow easily during this time, too. So, I’m gearing up. Today is Sunday, and I have a graduation party to attend in the evening, but most of the day will be about getting myself organized for a busy week ahead.

I’ve created a new website for my nom de plume, and I’m going to start blogging over there as well this month. Mostly about my writing process, creative challenges (and triumphs) and discoveries I’m making as I work on my first novel. I hope you’ll bookmark and subscribe to my new blog as well.

I keep thinking about my trip to Japan this fall. It’s hard not to get sidetracked with daydreaming about traipsing around the country eating everything I see. But I’m using it as a finish line for finishing my novel. My gut tells me I’m about 50% there. I’d love to have it in the hands of my beta readers by mid October. So I’m keeping my Japan fantasies on the back-burner while I push through. When I go, I want to be free to enjoy my time there without anything hanging over my head.

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